Welcome.  I have been wanting to do this now for a very long time.  A place where I can share my photography with you as well as other things that make me happy.  If you don’t know, I have a very soft spot for my Airstream travel trailer.  You can see all about it here.  I even have a book too.

But this blog, where you are now, will be different.  I will share with you my photography from my daily life experiences.  I will show you how to cook new recipes that I prepare from my “brick and mortar,” home kitchen.  I will show you how to create many new things with your hands from my craft room and in the summertime, I look forward to sharing with you my garden and how I prepare delicious meals with all of the fresh vegetables I have grown.  But most importantly, I hope that I will show you happiness and inspiration.

With kindest regards,


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