A Dinner of Roasted Vegetables and Sausages with some Holiday Spirit

B could hardly wait for the weekend.  We were going to decorate the house for the holidays.  Decorate and cook.  I could hardly wait as well.

Isn’t it such a good feeling you get each time you open up your holiday decor?  The memories?  That feeling.

I wanted a simple dinner to go with our special day.  I had some baby yellow potatoes, sweet orange carrots and these amazing little red onions which I have never used before.  How to peel them?  They’re so small!  Never mind, I just put them into the dish as they were along with some rosemary.  A quick drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling of crunchy Maldon sea salt and into the 450 degree oven went this beautiful dish for about 45 minutes.

15 minutes into cooking, I slipped into the oven in another dish, chicken sausages  (try to find “nitrate-free” sausages if you can.  Nitrates are not good for your body) to which I added some unpeeled garlic.  That’s it!

How simple this dish was.  Oh, and did I mention how delicious?  Those little red onions roasted up so beautifully and turned into little packages that housed the most amazing, sweet, creamy roasted onion I have ever had.

If you leave space between your vegetables they will roast up beautifully!

Bon appetit and happiest of holidays to you 🙂 xoxo


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