A new sponsor for J5MM and exciting times ahead for both of my blogs

I am excited to share with you a new sponsor I have over at Just 5 More Minutes.

Drumroll . . .

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

“But Monica, why are you sharing this news here?” you ask?  Well, this blog that you are on now, is about my life at home, whereas my other blog is about my life spent on our Airstream (it’s a travel trailer, if you didn’t know — a silver one too and pretty much is America’s iconic silver trailer) during our epicurean adventures.  I grow my garden at home and bring my beautiful veggies with me on our travels to prepare in recipes for hubby and B.

I’m still trying to figure out how to garden “on the go,” but it’s a challenge…

Anyhow, I am so much looking forward to sharing with you how I start my seeds indoors and to also share with you the journey my little kids will go on as they slowly make their way into my garden.  I am so excited!

But more on Baker Creek.  This is an incredible family.  I remember reading about them once in a magazine and I was hooked.  This family has traveled the world bringing back with them seeds from every corner of the planet.  The seeds are amazing and exotic and can grow right in your garden!  Imagine growing a tomato that has been brought back from Russia called “Bread and Salt,” or an eggplant called “Turkish Orange,” brought from — you guessed it, Turkey!  The varieties are endless and the people at Baker Creek are the sweetest all around.

Here’s to a bountiful veggie garden in 2012!  Can hardly wait!

PS  Here is a link to some pictures of my garden last year.


5 responses to “A new sponsor for J5MM and exciting times ahead for both of my blogs

  1. LOVE Baker Creek! I was lucky enough to visit them recently. We try to make it an annual trip to the seed store. Love their seeds!
    The Baker Creek mention was what caught my eye in browsing blogs. I love that you have an Airstream! We have a vintage Streamline that I’m just starting to renovate. Love tin can trailers:) I’m glad I found your blog!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so honored to be able to have them (Baker Creek) as my sponsor – I love everything that they do, and everything that they stand for. They are truly, the best. You are also so lucky to be able to renovate your own “tin can,” — I love it! These silver trailers are so special aren’t they? Thank you again for your nice words and oh, I just read your recipe for perfect scrambled eggs and I am totally drooling — I am going to make them right now 🙂 xoxo

    • I love them too! 🙂 I posted a photo of the seed visit on my blog somewhere…Thanks so much for visiting:)
      I’ve been in love with silver trailers for so long. This one was a gift this last summer. We’ve used it camping, but it’s basic and stripped. So…I have been looking around for ideas:) Because of the rarity, we realized we wouldn’t be able to restore it – once that sadness sunk in, I realized the freedom that it gave me. I can do whatever I want. I’m sure it will happen slowly…but still!
      Baker is my all-time favorite place to get seeds!

  3. That’s so cool Monica! Ive been thinking about doing a raised bed here in the RV park…. I need to figure out the growing season in this area (as opposed to Texas), so I’ll definitely check out Baker Seeds! Hope you’re doing well in all this snow!

  4. Hi Tiffani!! You know, I think that would be so awesome if you did that and I think the garden would look so cute too. You should do it! It is definitely different than Texas but we are lucky in the fact that this area is so conducive to growing veggies. There are so many farms all around especially in the Sammamish Valley you could go and visit for inspiration. A couple of seasons ago I had the most incredible tomato harvest — it was crazy — I had tomatoes coming out of my ears and also you can grow greens all year long too (as long as you protect them from the occasional snow) — speaking of snow — I was snowed in with B for over 4 days. I was definitely going a little stir crazy. I bet you guys were cozy in the Airstream though! xoxo

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