A Quiet Weekend and an Heirloom Tomato and Beet Stack

Hubby and B were gone skiing (again) this past weekend which gave me some time to practice my food photography.  I wanted to photograph something colorful and try to figure out how to add more “light” to my photos in the background.  I think I am slowly getting there . . .

But first a trip to Trader Joes.  They had a beautiful assortment of heirloom tomatoes and beets that had been already cooked, sealed and ready to eat.  I love beets and tomatoes (and I love Trader Joes)!  I’m also a sucker for cheese and in this case I picked up some goat cheese.  They have such great prices on their cheeses!

What a delicious combination 🙂

This was really fun for me to create and guess what?  It is only two inches wide and about three inches tall!  It is tiny but look how big it looks in my pictures!  I am learning how much I love to create these little masterpieces.

There really is no recipe here, just assembly of the tomato, cheese and beet with some olive oil, pistachios and crunchy sea salt as a finish.  Next time I will try to use an orange, some kind of cheese and avocado.

Bon appetit!


8 responses to “A Quiet Weekend and an Heirloom Tomato and Beet Stack

  1. So beautiful! I will have to give it a try!
    It reminds me of my favorite appetizer at a local sushi restaurant; layers of cream cheese, avocado, mango and tuna on top. We eat it with homemade rice chips. Yum! So fresh and so gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much! The appetizer you describe sounds like it would taste absolutely delicious, oh my 🙂 Maybe I will use cream cheese when I try my “avocado and orange stack…” Thank you for the inspiration xoxo

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