Egg Shell Seed Pots and a Walk Through my Winter Garden with Buddy

I’ve got spring fever, in a really bad way. I’m ready to start digging in my garden. I’m ready for the scent of freshly cut grass that lingers in the air during the warm summer months. I’m dreaming of the warm weather ahead and the sunshine.

Oh the sunshine. I can not wait!  Can you?

But alas, it is still February.  Chilly, windy and most definitely — rainy.  I finally decided it was time to take advantage of this month, because it is this month at around this time every year I begin my little seeds for my garden, inside.  Last year I used egg cartons to start my seedlings and they worked out so well.  When I was ready to transplant the little ones, I simply took some scissors and cut each capsule out and planted them — egg carton capsule and all!  The roots grew right through the carton and into the soil.  It is important to know that you want to use the cardboard type of carton and not the plastic type.  Simply cut the lid off of your egg carton, place some plastic wrap (or parchment paper) on top of the inside of the lid and place the egg carton on top of that.  The lid acts as a try to catch the water.  You may also want to cover your soil after planting your seeds with some plastic wrap or cover to aid in germination.

So this year I started thinking.  I had an incredible trip to Orcas Island here in Washington state where I learned so much about gardening and received so many valuable tips from local farmers on the island.  You can read my post on Williams-Sonoma’s blog all about it if you would like to here.  After leaving Orcas Island my mind was full and I was so inspired to garden.  Ever since then I have always been thinking on how to best reuse things to create less waste (something the “Garden by the Sea,” as I call it: Garden at Doe Bay does SO well.  Yet another place where I was incredibly inspired).  Why not save my egg shells?  The shells are rich in calcium, something plant roots crave.   A farmer on the island told me to crush up the shells and incorporate them into my garden’s soil.  So why not start my seedlings off in them?  I imagine once these are ready to plant in the garden you would simply take the back of a spoon and gently knock on the shell to create cracks in order for the roots to go through.  We will see!

These seeds I plant are like children to me.  I love them.  I care for them like a mother cares for her child.  They are very precious to me.

And one day, they will grow up to be big and strong and will, in return for all of my loving care, feed my family.

As I take a stroll with Buddy through my rather glum looking yard I am dreaming of what is ahead.  This year it is time to mix things up and move things around.  You probably already know it is a good idea to not plant the same vegetable or fruit in the same spot.  Every year I pick a different place to plant each vegetable variety I have to avoid introducing pests and diseases.  This year I have picked a different part of my yard entirely to use for my garden this spring.  I am excited! But, it will be a lot of work.

Here is to a happy fruit and vegetable growing season ahead!

8 responses to “Egg Shell Seed Pots and a Walk Through my Winter Garden with Buddy

  1. I love your beautiful photographs. And your brassicas in egg shells are just adorable. I love my seedlings, but I never really thought of their being CUTE…until now!

    • Thank you so much!! I was inspired by the beautiful color of the egg shells – I wanted to keep their beautiful colors around as long as I could so I thought of using them this way 🙂 Now I can look at them every day as the little seedlings grow up. Thank you again for your nice comment, I am smiling big now 🙂

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