An Herb Garden “To Go”

Spring was finally here in Seattle and what a beautiful weekend it was. This was probably the first weekend in a very long time that we spent at home instead of exploring the Pacific Northwest in our Airstream.

Many thing needed to get done at home especially tending to our garden.  I was happy to be able to finally spend some good quality time in my garden with B.  He really enjoys helping mom out  🙂

For a long time I have been thinking how can I possibly take my gardening with me while on our travels. Then I saw this mossy looking basket one day while I was out and about shopping.

Voila!  I can plant my herbs in this basket and take it with me when we go.  If you don’t know about my sweet spot that I have for my Airstream kitchen you may be interested to know that I love cooking in it while on our travels (and also at home too – I just adore my kitchen to no end).   Here are some shots of my beloved tiny kitchen.

Fresh herbs at my disposal when cooking is going to be great.  I am really happy I thought of this.

B was happy too.  He really enjoyed helping me with this project.

The culinary herbs you see with the beautiful red rosette looking tips is Foxley Thyme. Then there is Golden Thyme and English Thyme (can you tell I love my thyme)? We also transplanted some chives from the garden into this little basket.

Here’s to a warm and happy summer! We are ready 🙂


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